We are a talented online digital marketing agency that specialises in getting the best possible results. We operate on a rolling monthly basis to give you total flexibility when working with us. Reach out to our online team and get a FREE ONLINE quote today.


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We know results are KEY and we work hard to ensure you make more money than your spend with us.


All our plans are priced extremly competitively so all customers with all budgets can afford to work with us.


Integrity and honesty are two of our most important traits that define us as a company.


Our team has lots of experience in all aspects of Digital Marketing and we thrive at helping others.


Search Engine Optimisation

Our team of SEO experts deliver high quality and affordable SEO services for your website. We have many years of experience and we thrive at getting the best results.

Pay Per Click Management

We can build new PPC campaigns or take over existing campaigns to increase your ROI. We are highly experienced at Google Ads and can help to escalate your growth.

Link Building Optimisation

We specialise in building smart and long lasting links for your website. Everything we do is Whitehat and ethical, which abides by Google’s webmaster quality guidelines.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media is fundamental and it is essential to have a good social presence. We can work with you to beat your competitors and take your social media to the next level.

Application Development

All business are investing Apps and they are an integral part of most online businesses. We work with you to create a new App or help you change an existing App.

Online Reputation Management

Establishing a positive brand or restoring a damaged brand is a key part of Online Reputation Management. We work closely with you to create positive listings.


Search engine optimisation is a vital tool for any business owner looking to increase their organic visibility online. We know as SEO experts Europe represents a crowded and competitive atmosphere for any business, in any industry. SEO is about more than just rankings on search engine results pages, you need search engine optimisation to increase your websites user experience and generate valuable content leading to your business becoming the go to trusted source. This means more traffic and more potential customers and leads for your company.

Some SEO companies will set strict prices for their SEO packages for businesses. We take the view that no one business is the same. Our expert team will assess exactly what your business does and doesn’t need and set a price accordingly, your SEO strategy will be tailored to you so they’ll be no one-size-fits-all SEO packages for your business.
It’s our job to ensure it does. If you’re looking to grow your business digitally then search engine optimisation can generate quality traffic that are actively searching for the services or products your business provides. This can lead to increased conversions and ultimately the growth of your business.

Never Again Leave Your Data Vulnerable or Let Software Licenses Lapse With Our Digital Agency

Why choose Bolgaroff2013 for digital agency IT solutions?

  • Put an end to costly, protracted downtime with a 50% reduction of IT issues on average across your entire IT stack.
  • Get expert file management services including data backup, storage, archiving, and collaboration tools.
  • Ensure your data is always protected with disaster recovery, virtualization, and business continuity solutions.
  • Optimize your systems benefiting both your internet performance and computer performances.
  • Maximize your workflow efficiency with a customized workflow management solution.
The nature of our business and the high value products we sell means that we must establish a solid, trustworthy first impression for customers to consider buying from us. Our websites may be the first time an individual sees us, so it’s imperative…

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